Investment Strategy

Praesidian Capital has been providing flexible capital to middle market businesses since its inception in 2002. In 2019, Praesidian officially launched its independent sponsor model with a focus on acquiring middle market businesses with strong management teams and attractive growth prospects.  Through a combination of personal capital and long-standing relationships with investors, Praesidian Capital is aggressively building a portfolio of control equity deals within the lower middle market.


Growth & Acquisition Financings

Investing capital to support continued growth and strategic initiatives, which may include rolling out new sites, extending product lines, and acquiring complementary businesses or expanding geographic coverage.

Management & Sponsored Buyouts

Management & Sponsored Buyouts

Partnering with experienced equity sponsors and management teams to capitalize on management or leveraged buyout investment opportunities.

Recapitalizations & Refinance

Recapitalizations & Refinancing

Enabling owners, both financial investors and entrepreneurs, to realize significant proceeds without the need for a full or partial sale of a business. This may facilitate shareholder liquidity or succession and estate planning.

Praesidian has long-standing relationships with proven operators and, unlike many other private equity investors, we also aim to support owners and current management teams that are willing to roll equity into the deal and remain active in the business.