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Praesidian Capital is committed to partnering with leading companies
to execute the following investment strategies:

Growth & Acquisition Financings
Management & Sponsored Buyouts
Recapitalizations & Refinancings
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K1 Speed, Inc.
$4 million debt investment to support growth    read more
Bridge Capital Solutions
$4 million debt investment to support growth    read more
Lucky Strike
$11 million debt investment to support company's growth plans   read more
Life Is Good
$16 million subordinated debt investment to support the acquisition of
The Shirt Factory   read more
RAI Insurance Agency LLC
Financing provided to support the company's growth and
acquisition plans.    read more
Davis Inotek Instruments, LLC
Financing provided to aid the acquisition of GE Instrument
Services.    read more
Mezzanine capital invested to help facilitate the company's
growth plan.    read more