Leading Materials Testing Company Unveils Innovative Non-Destructive Testing Equipment

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – October 18, 2022 – MP Machinery and Testing (“MPM”), a Praesidian Capital portfolio company, today announced the release of proprietary material testing equipment that non-destructively determines the material properties of in-service components and structures. MPM is a leading provider of advanced material testing products and services for the nuclear power & energy, steel, pipe, aerospace, defense, and transportation industries.

The system has a variety of applications and is expected to significantly impact the pipeline testing industry. Enacted in 2022, the PHMSA Mega Rule requires that pipeline operators verify and maintain material documentation records and the maximum allowable operating pressure for all onshore transmission lines by 2035. The MPM system has been modified for this specific use and ensures efficient compliance with Mega Rule regulations. The testing equipment can also be modified for factory product line applications, laboratory applications, and failure analysis applications.

“Compared to existing methods that are time-consuming, inaccurate, and expensive, the Instrumented Indentation System (“I2S”) simply applies a load to produce a shallow indentation. Within 30 seconds, the tensile yield, ultimate tensile strength, ductility, and hardness are generated.,” stated Dr. Michael Manahan, MPM Founder and Executive Chairman. Surface preparation of the pipe only takes 5 minutes. “This system takes a fraction of the time required to prepare the surface as compared with competitor equipment.” The I2S has been demonstrated to yield data with the same accuracy as obtained performing destructive ASTM standard tensile tests.

Jason Drattell, Praesidian Founder said, “MPM is regarded as an innovator in the market, and the release of this new technology further solidifies their reputation for best-in-class service. The company’s product portfolio is comprehensive in the solutions it provides to the market, and we are looking to actively build the team and scale the business both organically and through acquisitions to keep up with the demand.”

“In a world of aging infrastructure, the I2S has filled a significant gap in the market,” said Tom Duffy, Praesidian Capital Partner, “Oil and gas pipeline owners have seen safety standards increase with the implementation of the PHMSA Mega Rule yet haven’t had the technology available to efficiently meet these new regulations. MPM, with the I2S, has created an elegant solution to this problem and we are looking to partner with larger players in the industry as we roll-out the product.”

MPM offers a full suite of advanced technologies including miniaturized mechanical property tests, advanced fracture toughness measurement technology, cryogenic rebar testing, and high temperature/pressure reference electrodes. Other products include drop tower impact test machines, shock test machines, instrumented strikers for impact testing, and automated impact test machines. MPM offers testing services in the areas of material characterization, mechanical property measurement, failure analysis, corrosion testing, in-service component monitoring, and finite element analysis. MPM’s findings are used both for predictive purposes (i.e., to determine the remaining useful life of a component or structure) and for diagnostic purposes (i.e., to determine the cause of a fracture).

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MP Machinery and Testing, LLC is a leading provider of testing services for nuclear power & energy, steel & pipe, laboratory, aerospace and defense, transportation, electronics, and other industrial customers. The Company provides reliable testing services in a quick turnaround time. While the Company provides a variety of different services, the majority of its services are tied to the testing and analysis of the strength and durability of mission critical components. MPM’s findings are used both for predictive purposes (i.e., to determine the remaining useful life of a component or structure) and for diagnostic purposes (i.e., to determine the cause of a fracture). For more information, visit mpmachineryandtesting.com.

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